Nightclubs at the Luxor – CatHouse & Lax

A room filled with furniture and a curtain

Lax at Luxor Lax nightclub is one of the newer clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, taking the place of the one hot RA nightclub at Luxor. The Lax club is has a wonderful restaurant, ultra lounge, and nightclub all in one. It’s one of the most impossible to get into nightclubs on the strip since it’s catered more for VIP members and celebrities. The décor is dark and full of plush black leather couches and very sensual. The club is the largest club in Las Vegas, it’s huge and it place is always packed, always. The main problem with this club is that the air conditioning sucks, and much of the time it is so hot and stuffy that it becomes unbearably uncomfortable. Another complaint was the music which tended to change from old school hip hop to 80’s retro pop, some songs were just to awkward to dance too. Don’t go there when there is some big Vegas event in the area because they will charge everyone, even girls cover which is expensive around $30 for girls and $50 for men. Getting to the bar is almost impossible and the drinks are just way to expensive here it almost makes no sense compared to the other clubs. I would suggest getting some drinks before you go in, I’ve heard that if you get drinks at the bar next to the club you get VIP entry into the club. Earn the money and spoil yourself at this club. Play simple and interactive betting games at ufabet เว็บตรงทางเข้า มือถือ.

CatHouse at the Luxor CatHouse is another smaller bar/club inside the Luxor Hotel, home of LAX nightclub as well. Cathouse isn’t your typical Las Vegas nightclub, and is a bit more of a sensual upscale bar. The place is part restaurant and part nightclub and is modeled as a French Loungerie. The place features some really risqué go-go dancers as part of the entertainment and is decorated in a French dark Victorian style décor with fabric walls in a dark blue color making the feel that much more sensual.

The cool part about the place is they have these glass display case with real women in their pretending to get ready, almost like a non-sexual peepshow. The service is at the CatHouse is the friendliness and seem to take their jobs less seriously then most of the other bartenders so you can actually have a good time with them. The food at the restaurant is served tapas style so they are smaller portions but the food was just alright. I would go just for appetizers to get the experience without leaving hungry. The music is spot on it’s never way to packed like most of the other clubs so it’s a good time if you’re looking for a chill party.