Comedy Clubs in Dallas

A group of people wearing costumes

Anyone looking for a good comedy show in Dallas, Texas won’t have a difficult time finding it. There are many fine venues for comedy in Dallas, as well as other venues that host shows on a more irregular basis. The following are some of the more regular showcases for good comedy in the Dallas area. These could be the best place to unwind to after collecting your winning from playing goranivanisevic online. 

Pocket Sandwich Theatre – Dallas

The Pocket Sandwich Theatre is located in the SMU area. It’s a dinner theatre setup, with a show on the main stage, but also a comedy show on Fridays and Saturdays beginning at 11:15. Don’t expect family fare this late at night. The shows are mostly rated “R”, and open only to customers age 17 or older. Drinks are available to everyone age 21 and older, as well as nachos or soft drinks (you have to order at least one item to get into the show as well, so come prepared).

They showcase local talented comedians, as well as improv groups, one-man comedy shows, funny drag shows and group improv. Reservations are recommended, and tickets will have to be purchased in advance. Call (214) 821-1860 for ticket prices and current show information.

Comedy Sportz – Dallas

This is the local franchise of the popular improv troop show here in Dallas. Be sure to eat before the show if you’re going here. Located in downtown Dallas on Munger Avenue in the West End area, you’ll have your choice of a lot of great nearby restaurants to choose from. For reservations and ticket information, call (214) 521-5233.

Backdoor Comedy Club – Dallas

Founded by two lady comediennes, The Backdoor Comedy Club has built an excellent reputation over the years, and is located at the Arts District in downtown Dallas. The reputation for the food and the talent is excellent here. They offer party packages with a shout-out from the stage, or even the opportunity to book your own comedian.

If you’re thinking of cutting your own comedic chops in Dallas, this has the open mike night to do it. There’s even a comedy class they offer if you’d like some instruction before you jump in front of the audience.

There are shows Friday (9pm) and Saturday nights (8 and 10:15pm), and open mike night is Thursdays (8:30pm). There’s a cover charge, as well as a two-item minimum. Call (214) 328-4444 for current information.

Improv Comedy Club – Addison

The Improv Comedy Club in Addison, just north of Dallas, will feature national comedians you’ve actually heard of before, from their work on TV and movies, as well as a lot of home-grown local talent. Full information is available from the Improv’s website, or call (972) 404-8501 for current information and tickets.