Che Malambo Brings Fiery Footwork to Jacob’s Pillow – The Boston Globe

A group of people posing for the camera

he Malambo brought “relentless intensity” and “fiery footwork” to Boston’s Jacob’s Pillow Dance festival, according to Janine Parker of The Boston Globe.

Ms. Parker writes: “The men dance with a power and passion that builds into a kind of ecstasy, and, after teasing us with their fierce solemnity”

“…cast of 14 repeatedly throw down the gauntlet, their chests forward and puffed like cocks looking for a fight. The air is thick with testosterone, but also with theater. The men are handsomely and simply costumed in sleek black, and lighted in Brinas and Joshua Paul Weckesser’s now-moody, now splashy lighting design.” 

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