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Top 5 places Which Should Be In Your List When You Are Travelling To Bhutan

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A Buddhist kingdom located around the eastern side of the Himalayas, Bhutan is the place to be when your idea of holiday revolves around monasteries, landscapes, mountains and valleys. It also caters to the adventurous lads who wish to go trekking at abnormal heights and push themselves to the limit. If you plan ever to visit this little kingdom, here are some places to visit. And also, you could always bring your favorite sports betting on the go simply by accessing on any device. 

    • Thimpu

Often the best way to understand the cultural significance of a country is by visiting its national capital. And this stands true for Bhutan. The capital is known for its Buddhist sites, monasteries, government buildings and places. There is also a shrine the city features that you can visit when you’re in the city. Bhutan also has a rich history, and you can learn and know all about it in the museums the city has.

    • Paro

The next on the list is the little valley town of Paro that lies West of the National capital. It’ll probably be where you land if you’re coming by air as the city has the only international airport in the county. On your way into the town and from the window of your aeroplane seat, you’ll also see the valley surrounding the little town, making for a breathtaking and magnificent sight. On the ground, visit the National Museum, the Rinpung Dzong monastery, the Dumtseg Lhakhang monastery, and the Kichu Lhakhang monastery host of other destinations offered by the town.

    • Punakha

Another town in the country that you need to explore, Punakha, is famous for its 17th Century fortress called the Punakha Dzong and the festival called the Punakha Tshechu. The festival features masked dance and music, which is culturally significant to the country. When you’re done with the festivities, the little town has much more to offer. The Mo Chhu is a scenic river that offers adrenaline junkies the option of whitewater rafting. The architecture savvy people can visit the suspension bridge or the Chimi Lhakhang monastery to take in the beautiful sights that both these destinations offer.

    • Trongsa

Central Bhutan is where you want to be when your perfect destination is the rural side of the country. The Trongsa is a small town and also the capital of the district it’s named after. On this side of town, you’ll see similar landmarks as before, but with their rural touch. You have the Royal Heritage Museum, the Thru Epang Palace and the Trongsa Dzong to mainly visit and enjoy this quaint little town.

    • Jigme Dorji National Park

In a place in the mountains, chances are you would like to explore the natural wonders as well. The national park shall fit the bill and provide you with all sites you can enjoy. It’s got high peaks, beautiful landscapes and hosts a large variety of wildlife species for you to see. The national park is for nature lovers who want to prefer a natural jungle over a concrete one.

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